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Dartmouth 2023 Calendars now available for pre-order

The Dartmouth 2023 Calendar is now available for pre-order.  I am currently putting the photos together for printing.  The Calendar will be released September 30th.
This is an A4 Wire bound Calendar that opens out to double A4, Picture on the top dates on the bottom.  Plenty of space for writing appointments.
It is Woodland Carbon certified, printed on Carbon Captured paper.  Printed on a Xerox digital press which uses EA based Toner therefore producing very little non-recyclable waste.  The Calendar is shipped in a recyclable plastic cello bag for protection, keeping it box fresh and making it the perfect gift.
With prices going up this year for both production and postage I have decided to reward people who order as a pre-sale by freezing the price so it is the same as last year.  It will increase once the pre-sales have been shipped.

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